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Our Story

Our Story

Innovation converges with imagination

In the mystical expanse of the digital dawn, within the enchanting tapestry of Ouarzazate, Morocco, a luminary named Abdelmalek Meskik embarked on an odyssey poised to redefine the very contours of IT solutions. Birthed on the ethereal date of July 14, 2002, Abdelmalek’s narrative unfurls with an insatiable thirst for technology and an entrepreneurial zeal that defies containment.

Fast forward to the temporal crossroads of 2017, where he intricately wove the inaugural threads of Meskik-Prog-MS—an ethereal domain where coding and the dance of software development harmonized in a cosmic symphony. Yet, Abdelmalek’s heart, an insatiable wanderer, yearned for more—a sanctuary where businesses could not merely thrive but ascend to unprecedented zeniths within the intricate tapestry of the digital realm.

On the serendipitous juncture of June 1, 2023, MeskikCode materialized—a kaleidoscope of innovation, a symphony conducted in the language of digital prowess. The agency unfurled its wings, transcending the constraints of its antecedent. PWA incantations, the mystique of business emails, the sorcery of SEO spells, the alchemy of hosting enchantments, and the magical ballet of DevOps intricately woven into the MeskikCode tapestry.

As the digital pages of MeskikCode fluttered, the chronicle embraced an unforeseen twist. On the hallowed eve of October 1, 2023, MeskikCode and HajjiMedia agencies used thier forces, birthing SERVEDEX—an incandescent beacon of collaboration illuminating the expansive offline horizon.

Within the enchanted realm of MeskikCode, services metamorphose into more than transactions; they emerge as spells meticulously cast to elevate the online presence of businesses. From the beguiling melodies of UI/UX design to the potent incantations of network setups, MeskikCode’s offerings mirror the diversity of stars scattered across the digital firmament.

Abdelmalek Meskik, the Chief Sorcerer and the Founder, stands resolute at the helm, orchestrating a symphony of skills, summoning the brightest wizards, and conjuring legal solutions from the fathomless depths of his sagacity, weaving spells of client acquisition, spins intricate webs of marketing strategies, and manifests the golden elixir of revenue.


The vision at MeskikCode transcends the mundane. They envision themselves as catalysts, weaving a tapestry of success for businesses—a tale wherein innovation, creativity, and strategic prowess entwine to forge a legacy that defies the relentless march of time.

So, dearest wanderer, as you traverse the threshold into the MeskikCode realm, recognize that you are not a mere client; you are a character in their unfolding saga. Together, you shall inscribe the epic narrative of your digital triumph. Welcome to MeskikCode—where innovation converges with imagination, and dreams take flight in the boundless firmament of the digital realm!